I have worked hand in hand with Charlotte Burns for the last seven years and continue to do so today. Together we have created two podcast series and have just begun work on the third. The secret to our success is that Charlotte is the consummate professional—a best journalist in her field who always produces superior work and trusted by the world’s leading museum directors, curators, artists, and critics. And that’s no small feat in a high-stakes field that thrives on suspicion and doubt. She handles extraordinary amounts of thought, perspective, and work with a widest range of people and needs, and always does so with measured good cheer, warmth, and kindness—all while raising a child in what I have always witnessed as exemplary ways, with even-keel, loving and consistent structure, and steady measure.

Allan Schwartzman, founder Schwartzman& and executive producer Hope & Dread podcast

Having worked previously with Charlotte, I knew she would be my first call to collaborate on the “Dior Common Thread” podcast. Charlotte is a consummate professional – her expertise and passion are immeasurable.

Ed Tang, Partner, A-B Advisory Ltd and host of Dior Common Thread podcast

I have worked with Charlotte Burns in several different capacities. When I was a journalist, she was a younger colleague whose work already showed enormous promise. When I went to Art Basel, she was one of the major journalists who wrote in the most responsible but also most perceptive ways about the art market. Then she went to work for Allan Schwartzman and launched the definitive art world podcast, In Other Words, whose global scope and depth of conversation remains unparalleled.

Based upon her work there, Charlotte Burns was our first (and only) choice for the strategy and planning consultation in preparing the launch of Intersections: The Art Basel podcast. Her contribution to this project was invaluable to its rapid success. (In fact, we asked her to be my co-host, which was unfortunately impossible due to her other professional activities.) 

Charlotte is highly creative and works with absolute focus, integrity and dedication. She has an outstanding reputation in her field and I would uncategorically recommend working with her, just as I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

She is, in short, a consummate professional, an asset to any organization lucky enough to have her in the team and ranks among the thought leaders of the artworld media across both sides of the Atlantic.

Marc Spiegler, Global Director, Art Basel and host “Intersections: The Art Basel podcast